Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

The children were met by Farmer Louise, Farmer Sarah and Billy the dog. During the visit Farmer Louise talked to the children about what was grown in the fields such as wheat, sunflowers, asparagus and maize. They got the opportunity to fill the bird feeders with wild bird food (some of which came from the farm) before venturing into the fields beyond. As we saw what was growing ahead of us, the children’s excitement levels began to rise. The sight of row upon row of Christmas trees was amazing.

The children were given a ‘Can you find a….’ sheet and were allowed to roam in amongst the different types of trees on their ‘treasure hunt’. They were able to touch and smell everything around them and look at the differences between the trees. Frankie said “My favourite bit was running in and out of the trees and touching the prickly pines.” Then Farmer Sarah said we could pick our own Christmas tree to take back to school with us! So a suitable tree was chosen and Farmer Andy came with his chain saw to cut it down for us. Farmer Louise explained that as one tree comes down to be used in our homes at Christmas, they plant another one to take its place and that is why there are so many different sized trees on the farm.

 The children were so excited to be given the opportunity to plant several trees during the visit but Farmer Sarah had one final surprise up her sleeve. Finally the children were sent out one last time on a Treasure Hunt and they came back with a chocolate coin each. It was the perfect end to the perfect visit. Mrs Simpson, Year One Class Teacher, said “Even though we were only at the farm for a morning, the children learnt so much. Huge thanks go to Tallington Farm for such an informative and fun filled visit. I can’t wait to take my Year One children next year!”