Year 3 Chocolate Factory

The excitement all began at the start of this term where the children all received an exciting delivery from Mr Willy Wonka. Each child received their very own tasty Wonka Bar but even more excitingly, they all found a dazzling golden ticket inviting to them to attend a chocolate workshop with one of his chocolate assistants.

With eager anticipation of whether they would meet a real life Oompa Loompa, the children arrived at school ready with their golden tickets. Carl took the children on an exciting and informative chocolate journey where the children learnt interesting facts such as why do astronauts take chocolate with them into space and which county eats the most chocolate (the UK was third on the list!) The children were on a mission to become chocolatologists and reach level 10 of their training before the end of their session.

Next, they learnt about where chocolate came from and had the opportunity to see and touch real cocoa pods, real cocoa beans and even taste a bit of cocoa nib. Year 3 has lots of fun learning about and acting out the cocoa harvesting process that happens in Ghana. However, becoming professional chocolate tasters was a highlight for all. They discovered how they could use their 5 senses to test the quality of chocolate – who knew you could use your sense of sound to test chocolate! Finally, the children learnt about the ingredients in dark, milk and white chocolate. They were shocked to discover that white chocolate is the unhealthiest out of the three. 

After break time, the children were thrilled to find out they had reached level 10 and could put everything they had learnt into practice and make their own chocolate product. Everyone had a fantastic time in the practical chocolate making session designing and making a new product for Mr Wonka.  Later on this term, Year 3 will have the opportunity in lessons to design and create packaging for their chocolate bars.

All the children had a fabulous time with Carl and learnt lots about chocolate. Miss Worrall said ‘The workshops really brought our topic to life, the children loved taking part and working with one of Mr Wonka’s assistants. We were all amazed at how much they had learnt and even now a couple of weeks later the children still remember the facts they learnt with Carl. A truly scrumptious day was had by all!’