Egyptians at Elsea Park

To kick start the day the children had the chance to explore amazing amulets all the way the Cairo museum in Egypt! During the break, Alfred (7) entertained the class by playing an Egyptian themed piece of music on the piano, composed by himself as part of his ‘Take Care’ homework.  Lucky Ocean (7) was transformed into an Egyptian princess with full make costume and wig!

The rest of the class relied on their sense of smell to identify traditional Egyptian spices, such as frankincense. Some were more familiar than others and provoked some interesting descriptions!

All afternoon the children dressed up and acted out a full Egyptian burial ceremony, complete with a very realistic mummy!

Miss Aldiss Year 3 teacher said, “We’ve had a wonderful day jam packed with so much information and full of opportunities for children to really become fully immersed in their learning in so many practical ways; the best way to begin our new topic!”