Wherry’s Spinney gets a mini makeover!

Their aim was to tackle the huge litter problem that has descended upon the area. The idea for this venture came from one of the Year 6 Eco Warriors, Tegan Wyche. Back in September when the Eco Warriors created their action plan for the year ahead, Tegan was passionate about doing a litter pick as the state of the Spinney angered her every time she walked through there. And so when the weather improved, the Litter Pick was organised. On the big day, nine of the Eco Warriors, along with Mr Howard Keeffe (our Site Manager) and Mrs Joanne Derrick (our Eco Governor) took a walk along the Spinney (the length of the school grounds) picking up what turned out to be 6 bags of rubbish that had been discarded by the public as they walked along. The Eco warriors were shocked at the amount of rubbish there was just along the side of the path; we didn’t venture into the undergrowth for safety reasons. The team unanimously agreed another litter pick was needed and suggested that maybe next time they could invite their parents and carers to help. If this is what they could achieve in 45 minutes with 12 people imagine what they could achieve next time!


A special thank you must go to the 1st Bourne Cub Scout group for the loan of the mechanical litter pickers.