Anyone for Tennis?

Excitedly but nervously they gathered on the Bourne Abbey Lawns with older children from Bourne Grammar school who were acting as Sports Leaders for the day.  Beginning with a warm up and some basic skills practise, the children started to relax and use their tennis skills before they formed their teams to start the first round of mini games.  As the day went on the children found their confidence as skills improved with every game, whether ending in a victory or a loss.  In the afternoon with scores added up, the children took part in the next round of knock out games.  Eventually the teams rounded up the end of the day in three thrilling finals, our Elsea Park A and C teams being superbly cheered on by our B team.  Finally the award ceremony came and the children all waited with baited breath to hear that we had been placed in 16th, 10th and 8th places.  We were all so proud and thrilled with our performances during the day as this was their first experience of playing competitive tennis at a tournament and they had risen to the challenge superbly.  Announced as the most ‘passionate, supportive and enthusiastic’ school of the day the children had shown fantastic team spirit, respect and resilience as they climbed back onto the coach exhausted but happy.