Elsea Park C of E Primary Academy goes ‘Green’

The Eco Committee, consisting of both staff and pupils from all year groups, organised an Action Week to help encourage both pupils and staff to change their everyday behaviour and help save energy. The week began with an Eco-assembly, where Mrs Simpson and the Eco Committee launched the aims for the week. Pupils were also encouraged to walk, scoot or cycle to school during the week.

Every year group took part in a range of Eco activities and were eager to win the ‘Design a light switch off poster’ competition. Children in Early Years and KS1 learnt about recycling by looking at different materials, sorting them into recyclable and non-recyclable. 

Across KS2 the children took part in a range of lessons focussing on preserving resources. Children created Adobe Spark videos to inform and persuade people to save water and wrote their own Eco pledges, to create an Eco Pledge tree on how they would make a difference. Year 4, after learning about renewable and non-renewable sources of energy, linked it to their Harry Potter topic and had to design a renewable energy to power Harry’s wand. Year 2 had a fantastic time interviewing Mr Keefe, the site manager, to find out just Eco friendly our school building is. They were amazed to discover just how Eco friendly the school is including solar panels and draught excluders.

The week ended with a ‘Go Green’ non uniform day and a celebration of all the work and campaigning that had taken place. Mrs Simpson and Miss Worrall (Eco Schools Coordinators) explained ‘the action week was another fantastic opportunity to further raise the profile of our ‘Eco Schools’ journey and awareness of environmental issues. It was a great success.’