Fire, Fire!

We were lucky enough to be joined by Samuel Pepys who read us exerts from his diary and helped us to get a hands on experience from the year 1666.

We learnt about the more glamourous side of life as we were introduced to King Charles II. Roman took on his role, wearing a baldric, periwig and a very interesting looking moustache. The rest of us donned waistcoats and flowing skirts as we rode horse back around the park and served gold plates of delicious dishes at grand dinner parties.

We then took a trip to the darker side of town where we squeaked and tiptoed around as the rats who helped to spread the dreaded plague through the city. We sang and danced to ring-a-ring-a-roses and learnt all about its origins surrounding the terrible effects of the plague.

Amari then took up the wooden spoon and put on an apron to re-enact Thomas Farriner’s busy day in his bakery on Pudding Lane. We watched as the ashes in the fire sprang back to life and spread through the streets. Using red and gold ribbons we created our own fire dance to show how the flames grew in speed and size.

We helped to join in the efforts to put out the fire, racing to pass buckets of ‘water’ to the burning buildings, but still the flames grew bigger and bigger. We helped the Londoners dig holes to hide their precious belongings, and thought it was really funny that people used chairs and tables as boats to sail down the Thames to escape the fire.

As the flames died down we took a tour of London, discovering the new, stone buildings that were built as London rose again from the ashes.

It was an amazing experience to kick start our new topic ‘London’s Burning…Fetch the Engines’. It is so fantastic to be able to bring alive this major historical event in such a hands on way!