Christmas Card Competition

The challenge was organised by local businesses; Diverse Utility Solutions and Commercial Waste Connections who state ‘Recycling and energy efficiency are our business, but we want the next generation to understand how easy recycling can be, and with over 900 million cards sent in one year, we want to raise awareness of how much is thrown away.’ Having recently been awarded with our Eco Schools Green Flag award, the Eco Warriors were keen to get involved in their next project.

We were amazed by the support of family members, friends and members of the local community who sent their children into school with bags of Christmas cards to be recycled. The Eco Warriors were as enthusiastic as ever and helped sort through the cards to check there were no card with ribbons, glitter or foil as these cannot be recycled.

On Monday 4th February we finally discovered just how many kg of Christmas Cards we had managed to recycle. The children helped with the bagging up and weighing of the cards and we were excited to discover we recycled a grand total of 95kg. We can’t wait to hear the result of the competition we have our fingers crossed.

Miss Worrall and Mrs Simpson (Eco School Co-ordinators) said ‘the children have enjoyed the challenge but have also learnt about the importance of recycling and contributed to our continuing Eco Schools journey. A massive thank you to everyone who has contributed and sent in Christmas cards.’