Waste Week: Wow!

Robyn Thorn, EDF Energy’s Education Programme Manager said “Children can be really passionate about the environment and are keen to learn more about what they can do to protect it. Waste Week has become a national event in UK school calendars; because teachers find it really helps focus attention on this important issue and creates meaningful impact.”

As part of the campaign, students are encouraged to take part in a Plastic Free Week and Elsea Park rose to the challenge. Each class attempted to reduce their use of single-use plastics for a whole week! We took part in a waste audit and reduced our single use plastic usage in our lunchboxes by 468 items.

Across the school each class took part in lessons and activities to promote awareness about the issues of single use plastic. Children in Year’s 4 and 6 took part in the BBC Live Lesson linked to Blue Planet and Year 3 created plastic pollution poems. In Year 5, the children linked their current Water Water Everywhere topic to Waste Week by creating animations on plastic pollution in oceans. In KS1 classes read the story ‘The Day the Ocean Went Away’ and created their own pledges to help save the ocean.

As part of the week the children were also encouraged to bring in used plastic bottle tops to create a display to highlight the problem with plastic in the oceans and take part in the Big Battery Hunt by bringing in used batteries. The school are currently collecting batteries for the Big Battery Hunt so if you would like to recycle any used batteries please bring them into the school office.

Miss Worrall and Mrs Simspon (Eco School Co-ordinators) said, “This week was once again another fabulous opportunity to continue to make a difference to world. The children were enthusiastic about the topic of plastic pollution and we hope to continue our work to further raise awareness of the plastic pollution problem.”