Super Sports Day!

Having shown tremendous spirit and skill taking part in the field events in the morning, including triple jump and javelin, the children were warmed up and ready to compete in this year’s range of Sports Day races.  Starting with everyone’s favourites, the sack race and egg and spoon, cheers could be heard from miles around from supporting house teams and enthusiastic parents alike.  Incredible values of courage, perseverance and resilience were shown as children jumped, ran, hurdled and even space hopped their way along the tracks, even stopping to help each other along the way!  Scores were collated and an atmosphere of anticipation hung in the air as the children gathered together to hear the long awaited results.  Huge applause went out to each house as their points were read out before the final winners, Saturn were announced.  As well as congratulations to the worthy winners, a huge well done must go to every child who took part and challenged themselves during an amazing day, along with thanks to teachers and parents who helped to make it another Elsea Park triumph.