Safer Strangers

As one of the Local Priority modules of the Lincolnshire Police Mini Police scheme, our fabulous cadets taught their fellow pupils about distinguishing the difference between different types of strangers in the hope that they could change their mind-set that not all strangers are viewed as they are in the media.  The idea of this module is to give children the tools to allow them to grow in their own knowledge and how to deal with risk.  Through roleplay and quizzes the pupils learned about Safer Strangers such as Police, Paramedics and adults in the school community who are helpful and trustworthy along with ways of coping when faced with more hazardous Stranger situations and the importance of reporting these.  A huge well done must go to the Mini Police for an extremely well presented assembly and thanks to PCSO Parrot for helping to prepare them so brilliantly and we look forward to him leading their next module on Bikemarking.