Is It A Bug's Life?

While bug hunting we cautiously searched the woodland area, carefully lifting logs, rocks and bricks to find the hidden creepy crawlies underneath. Once we successfully found them we sorted them based on their characteristics, then discussed whether they were omnivores, herbivores or carnivores. Our favourites were the slugs because they persevered trying to get out of the containers! Pond dipping was so much fun, we carefully dunked the net into the water and emptied the contents into a tray of pond water. We all peered at it like we were opening a chest of treasure eager to find out what was inside! It was pretty awesome when Mrs Morris caught a large newt! Luke the Education Ranger made sure that we treated him carefully and after we’d all had a look at him he was returned to his watery home. We were a bit disappointed we didn’t spot any of Rutland Water’s famous Ospreys but we saw plenty of ducks, seagulls and one eagle-eyed child saw a heron.

Mrs Bradley the Year 2 class teacher said “All the children had a fantastic day and we couldn’t wait to come back to school to carry on our exciting topic.”