Pirates Ahoy!

 The Partake Theatre Company visited pupils at Bourne Elsea Park C of E Primary Academy on 27th April. Captain Spillett (Reception Class Teacher) and her Reception Crew experienced the ‘Pirate Island’ workshop.

The children enjoyed dressing up in pirate costumes and travelling the high seas aboard the Jolly Roger Ship. The crew had a busy morning scrubbing the deck, climbing the rigging, keeping look out in the crow’s nest and dropping the anchor.  The stormy seas meant a lot of seasick pirate crew! The background music and sound effects helped the pupils imagine visiting islands far away and the animals they would see.

When the Jolly Roger arrived at Volcano Island pupils were shocked to see the volcano erupt. The session concluded with finding the important treasure chest, packed full of gold and jewellery. As part of their Pirate Topic the class have made their own treasure maps and are designing pirate ships to make later in the week.