Seat belt safety!

Delphine Norton (Max Respect Officer) led a Seat Belt Safety workshop for children in Year 5 and 6 on Tuesday 10th March. 

Children worked in small groups and had 25 minutes to design and make a car for an egg. Each group was given 2 sheets of card, Sellotape, blu tac and a piece of bubble wrap. Once they had created their cards they tested their cars on a ramp with two house bricks at the bottom to see what would happen to the driver. Those groups which created some sort of seatbelt saw their egg survive.

The aim of the workshop was to show them how important it is to wear a seat belt no matter what sort of vehicle they are in from a car to a bus. The thickness of the egg shell is roughly the same thickness of our skull so it showed them how easy it is to hurt our brains if we were involved in a car accident. Miss Worrall (class teacher) said ‘this was a fantastic activity which was enjoyable and educational. The children were able to see first hand the damage that not wearing a seatbelt can have. ‘