Church School Banner

 The textile artist Sue Rowlands came to work with the talented aspiring young artists from Reception, Year 1 and Year 3.  The children from the School Council thought about the surrounding countryside and how the values of Bourne Elsea Park could be visually represented through the medium of textiles.

During the creation of the banner, the children wove flowers, painted silk leaves and crosses, and then used quilting for added effect.  The Collage techniques were employed to create the children’s faces.  The resulting banner is bright, cheery and wonderfully depicts our Christian community.

The children had so much fun, they are very proud of their school banner. Olivia said, “It’s really beautiful, I like the smiling faces and especially the welcoming hands.  I drew round my hand and then decorated it with sparkles and sequins and glitter.”

Robert’s favourite part of the banner is the hearts, “They remind me of my Mummy’s love, that’s why we need them.”

We look forward to the residents of Bourne and the surrounding area seeing our Church banner- look out for the bright Bourne Elsea Park red.