British Values Day

Demonstrating their democratic right to vote, all children from Year 1 – Year 5 presented their polling cards in exchange for a ballot paper holding the 6 candidates for their class, two of whom would become the successful representatives for the Student Council 2016-2017. 

This was just a part of our British Values Day where we explored the values such as Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty and Mutual Respect amongst others.  Year 5 children studied the history of British Democracy and how it has evolved over the last 100 years. The children fully appreciated that ‘the right to vote’ is something that has not always been the case for everybody. The children in Year 4 wrote some persuasive letters, demonstrating Individual Liberty and that their voice really can be heard. Ella Culshaw wrote a particularly persuasive letter, quoting UNICEF article 12 – ‘every child has the right to express their views, feelings and wishes’. The children in Year 3 considered the role of Prime Minister, and came up with some excellent responses to ‘If I was Prime Minister for the day, I would…’ The younger children in KS1 recognised and appreciated the diverse society that we live in, celebrating the differences between us.

We also honoured our awe-inspiring British Paralympians by playing our own versions of Sitting Volleyball and Boccia, giving us a small insight into the skills and strengths of these athletes.   The day culminated in an assembly with each class presenting their learning before the newly voted Student Council representatives received their new badges and certificates from our Chair of Governors, Mr John Kirkman and School Governor Mrs Joanne Hilder.