UNICEF Level 1 award

Our external assessor made some wonderful comments about our school work:

“There is a very strong inclusive ethos of respect, with the explicit links to relevant Articles within the CRC interlinked to the 3Rs (‘Respect and Care for Ourselves’, ‘Respect and Care for others’ and ‘Respect and Care for Our Environment and the World in Which We Live’), the academy’s Christian Values and British Values, e.g. Articles 2, 12, 14, 28 and 29. All adults and pupils met during the assessment saw themselves as part of the ‘Bourne Elsea Park Family’.”

This glowing report was deserved recognition for the hard work put in by our UNICEF leader, Miss Davey, her team of UNICEF ambassadors and the whole school community. The school continues to benefit from the skills learnt in gaining this award, and we are already looking at what we can develop further to achieve the Level 2 award.