Y1 Church visit

We have been learning about special places and wanted to find out about and explore our Church.

We were greeted by Father Chris who warmly welcomed us into God’s house. The children were eager to ask questions and explore the many wonders inside this beautiful building.

We looked at the special objects and furniture and thought about how people may use them in Church. The children loved the brass eagle and thinking about the stories from the Bible that may have been shared from it. They thought the stained glass windows were “beautiful” and “fantastic” and they talked to each other about the people and images they could see on them.

One child said that being in Church made him feel protected because he could feel God all around him; another added that they liked being in Church because it’s a place where you can be quiet and think.

Miss Pickering and all the grownups were so proud of the children, not only for their behaviour but also their curiosity, enthusiasm and eagerness to learn about such an important place to us.