Diwali Day at Elsea Park

The day began with an awesome assembly led by Sunita, from The Indian Experience. The children had a brilliant time listening to the story of Rama and Sita and finding out about the importance of Diwali for Hindus. Sunita also taught them some Bollywood style dancing and even the teachers had a chance to show off their moves.

After the assembly the whole school mixed up into groups and took part in a variety of different activities including: making their own Diva lamp, cooking Orange flavoured Diwali sweets, creating Diwali cards for their family and friends and designing and making Rangoli and Mendhi patterns. The final activity was a Telgeu dancing master class. It was during this session that each and every child had the chance to learn 14 different dance moves using both their hands and their feet. At the end of the session they combined all the moves they had learnt to perform a dance.

The day ended with a fabulous celebration assembly, allowing the children to reflect and share their experiences and learning from a truly inspirational day.