Year 1 take a walk in the dark!

The children in Year 1 from Bourne Elsea Park Church of England Academy took a walk in the dark night, armed with torches and Hi-viz jackets, to explore our new topic about night time.

Miss Pickering's favourite part was when we huddled together in the middle of a wooded clearing and turned all of our torches off! We used our senses to explore the night, listening carefully for any nocturnal animals that may be scurrying around us. 

After a lovely exploration of the surrounding area we headed back to school, where we enjoyed a hot chocolate and a biscuit, and sat on blankets looking up at the stars that were peeking out of the clouds. 

It really was a fantastic, hands on way to explore this magical topic. Thank you so much to all the grown ups who gave up their evenings to join us.