The Chocolate Factory!

With eager anticipation of whether they would meet Mr Willy Wonka and see his Oompa Loompas, the children arrived at school bright and early ready with their Golden tickets. We had a fabulous time finding out about the origins of the cocoa bean, how chocolate arrived in Europe and the history of Cadbury world during the Victorian Era as we journeyed through the different times. Next the children were excited to discover how chocolate is made and manufactured through the special effects cinema, but one of the highlights of the day was watching real life chocolatiers work their magic as they showed us how chocolate was traditionally made all those years ago. We even had a chance to try our very own pot of melted chocolate and choice of toppings. Fudge and marshmallows was definitely a popular choice! Finally we had a chance to explore and discover how the advertising for Cadbury has changed over the years, including some traditional favourites like the drum playing gorilla.

During the afternoon, we were very lucky to experience an educational talk linking to our Design and Technology work where we will be designing and creating our very own chocolate bar. We discovered the functions of packaging materials and discussed the importance of the use of colour and branding to encourage consumers to buy their chocolate. The opportunity to see a real sized cocoa pod full of cocoa beans and the chocolate moulds from the factory was fantastic. Our day ended with a 4D experience, where we joined Freddo and his friends, diving into a bowl of Cadbury chocolate on their adventure. Year 3 enjoyed the opportunity to explore a real life chocolate factory and find out how it is run. We really had a truly fantastic and scrumdidlyumptious day!