Celebrity Visitor!

Mike was due to be a guest speaker at the Len Pick Trust Memorial Evening, an event held to celebrate the legacy of the Trust’s founder. In addition to this, Mike had kindly agreed to visit local schools to talk to the children about his work. We felt very lucky!


Mike spoke to the children about how his love of the outdoors began at a very early age and has always been a part of him. He spoke of his travels and the various adventures that have resulted from this, including bungee jumping off bridges! Mike’s enthusiasm for wildlife was at the heart of his talk, and whilst his first love (bird watching) has always remained, the children were amazed to hear that he has also swum with a basking shark that measured over 3 metres long.


A series of props were used by Mike to demonstrate how he is able to get so close to wildlife. This ranged from the use of binoculars to watch birds, to the use of net equipment to catch insects without harming them. Mike also demonstrated how a ‘pooter’ is used to catch insects without harming them. Year 2 were particularly excited by this, as they had used one of these last year on their pond dipping trip.

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