Year 3 Stone Age Experience Day at Newball Woods

After arriving at the woods all the children were amazed to see they had travelled back in time to the Stone Age era with not a 21st century facility in sight, they truly were in for an immersive day.


Their first challenge was to light a fire to keep warm and cook their fish. They used flint and fire strikers to light their own fires and were so pleased when they successfully managed to light them. All the children agreed that it must have been very hard for Neolithic people and how lucky they are now to have ovens and heating in their homes.


Matthew and Maria, the Stone Age experts, then demonstrated how tools were made in the Stone Age by flint knapping. Using their ‘primitive’ tools made from the sharpened flint, some children had the opportunity to prepare and gut the mackerel before placing a stick through the centre and cooking it over the fire. Although many were reluctant to try the fish at first, all the children tasted it and unsurprisingly there was nothing left, only comments such as ‘this was the best fish I have ever tasted’ and ‘I can’t believe this tastes so good’.


During lunch time Michael demonstrated how water was boiled during the Stone Age using hot rocks in a wooden bowl and another method of fire lighting using a bow drill.  The pupils then enjoyed making their own shelter using materials and resources from the woods to help them understand the challenges faced during the Stone Age. They then ended the day with a sensory awareness game called Eagle Eye.


This day was a fantastic way to bring the Savage Stone Age topic to life and the children had an enjoyable, educational and muddy experience in the woods. Year 3 are going to continue learning about the Stone Age back at school and use this experience to help them really understand what Neolithic life was like.