Our Bourne Elsea Park Safer Internet Day

“I think everyone feels safer on the internet now and are aware of the dangers; I believe everyone is more confident about using the internet.” Elliott Y5 E-safety Ambassador

“The children in our school now are aware on how to use the internet safely and can actually go home and educate their parents about using the internet safely” José Y5 E-safety Ambassador



In Reception we read a book called Penguin Pig which was about not believing everything we see on the internet. We also drew about what different things we can do on the technology we have at home. Also, we sent a circle home for mums and dads to write on to say what their children can do on technology.


We have been learning about how photos are uploaded onto the internet and the effects of this. We also learnt how to add personal information to photographs and how to add a caption.


In Year Two we created posters to raise awareness about Safer Internet Day and included pictures to show which kinds of photographs are safe to be used on the internet.


Our focus for Safer Internet Day was also pictures that can be uploaded onto the internet. We studied pictures and looked at first impressions of them and debated whether they would be safe and appropriate for internet use. We also made a video about what we would do in different situations about unwanted images or photos on the internet.


We wanted to explore the dangers of the internet and understand how things on the internet may not always appear to be what they seem. We also looked at emojis and illusions and discussed how they can sometimes have different outcomes from their intended meanings.


In Fear Five we focused on and explored the use of social media. We created comic strips to raise awareness about being safe on the internet and what precautions we can put in place to allow us to be safe. We also took part in a quiz about personal information on social media.

Report written by José and Elliott