Elsea Park goes ‘Green’

Elliott, Evie and Daniel were elected as Carbon Ambassadors. Working closely with Miss Worrall and Vanessa O’Brien (Sustainability Project Officer from Lincolnshire County Council) they have taken an active role in reducing the school’s energy usage and carbon footprint.  They conducted a building energy audit and created an action plan for the school. 


As part of their campaign they organised an Action Week to help encourage both pupils and staff to change their everyday behaviour and help save energy. Beginning the week with an Eco-assembly, the Carbon Ambassadors shared their aims for the week and launched their competitions. Pupils were also encouraged to walk, scoot or cycle to school during the week.

Every year group took part in a range of Eco activities and were keen to be crowned Eco Class of the week and eager to win the ‘Design an Eco Superhero’ competition. Across KS2 the children used their persuasive writing skills to encourage people to help save the earth and prevent deforestation, designed their own Eco School, learnt about ‘Green Space’ in their local area and created their own energy saving posters.


Year 2 had a brilliant time writing their own Eco pledge for the week and creating an Eco Pledge tree. In Year 1 they focussed on the temperatures around school and took part in a transport survey thinking of ways they can could reduce their carbon footprint. Reception had lots of fun ‘Junk Modelling’ and learning about recycling.

The week ended with a ‘Go Green’ non uniform day and a celebration of all the work and campaigning that had taken place. Reception class were delighted to find out they had been crowned ‘Eco Class’ of the week and everyone was excited to find out just how much energy they had saved.