Dinosaur in school!

Huge dinosaur footprints had been spotted around school, strange noises were coming from the hall and a nest, as well as three enormous eggs had to be cordoned off outside the serving hatch.

The children were ushered in to school and warned to listen to staff instructions very carefully. CCTV footage of Mr Brompton being chased by a T Rex emerged, and Mr Brunt did his best to ensure the children stayed calm. However, as the children were listening to instructions on what to do next, the T Rex stomped past the window in the hall!

Children had to be relocated to classrooms, before the T Rex made another circuit of the school, to write about what had happened.

Luckily, the FDA (Federal Dinosaur Authority) were quick to respond, and came to remove the eggs, as well as to transport the dinosaur somewhere more suitable!

What a truly exciting day!