Anglian Water Workshops

Over the two days children from Year 1 to Year 5 learnt about the importance of water and how to be water wise.

Children in Year 3 and 4 thought about how much water we use and waste. We discovered that leaving the tap on for 2 minutes each time we brush our teeth can waste up to 9 litres of water. That’s up 7000 litres of water a year! The children were shocked to see how much water the classroom tap released in two minutes and everyone agreed they would make an extra effort to turn their tap off whilst brushing their teeth. Rachel also set them the challenge of cleaning paint pots using as little water as possible. 


Year 1 and 2 also had a fantastic time learning about the importance of water and why it is important to drink it. They took part in a sorting activity, deciding which actions saved water and which ones wasted water. 

Year 5 had a brilliant time learning about the water cycle linking with their new topic. The children learnt about the process of Anglian water cleaning, discussed how the planet’s climate affects water and even discussed sewage and what goes down our pipes. All of the class were so engaged they decided to follow up their workshop the next day by writing persuasive articles to help people reduce their water usage. They have also asked to lead an assembly to share their new knowledge with the whole school. 


These two days linked closely and were a perfect addition to our journey in becoming an Eco School, helping children across the whole school understand the importance of water conservation. Year 5 pupils Tegan and Lola said “Our favourite part was testing which materials and waste products were flushable or not flushable. We were also shocked to see how much water we waste brushing our teeth. We are going to make sure we use less water from now on.”