Visit from the Bishop

Bishop Christopher and Fr Chris Atkinson from Bourne Abbey Church, were welcomed into the school by Mrs Sarah Moore and Mr John Kirkman to watch ‘Open the Book’ deliver one of their fantastic performances from the Bible. This week’s story was of David and Goliath, and linked fantastically to our Christian Value this term: Trust. We watched as the team, who are made up of volunteers from churches around Bourne, were supported by four of our children from Years 2 to 5. As a group the adults and children acted out the story of young David who trusted in God’s plan and volunteered his service to the Lord, fighting against the mighty Goliath. As always during our ‘Open the Book’ Collective Worships we ended by singing our favourite song celebrating Jesus’ love, along with actions that the children, and adults always enjoy participating in.

After the spectacular Collective Worship the Bishop Christopher took some time out of his busy schedule to enjoy a tour of our new school. This wasn’t the first time that the Bishop has visited us as he previously joined some of our current Year 2 children and local community to bury a time capsule in our grounds while the school was still being built. On Friday some of our Year 5 pupils gave a fantastic tour of our now completed school to the Bishop, and they shared with him some of the things that we think make Elsea Park so special.

At the end of his visit it seemed fitting to ask Bishop Christopher to sign our special guest book, as he was the first person to write in it nearly three years ago. We hope that he found this visit as delightful as he found the first.