Pony Club visitor!

Rosie the pony came to Elsea Park School and she is a 13.3 hands high, piebald pony!

She was exceptionally well behaved coping with all the excited pony club members as well as the hustle and bustle of the school playground. The grass was being strimmed and a rounders club were in full swing at the same time!


Rosie stood beautifully showing her beautiful markings, mane and tail. She was not concerned about any amount of stroking and fuss. We could all see her lovely summer coat coming through despite the cold weather and she had a good look at us too! Rosie has one eye that is blue and one that is brown, known as a ‘wall eye’ it is no problem and fairly common in horses.

Mr Brompton our head teacher came to admire her and she willingly ate the carrot he offered her! We all learned that a pony is the same as a horse but smaller, a horse has to be 14.2 hands high or above. A hand is how horses are measured, being approximately 4 inches or the width of an adult hand.

Her owner led Rosie round and showed us all how nicely she can trot up and stand. She also demonstrated how she happily went into the horse lorry too. The club members were interested to see how horses fit safely inside the horse lorry. Rosie neighed loudly when she realised she was going home, calling out to her heard but also saying good-bye to us all.

The club is currently held every Monday and we hope to have some taster riding lessons at a local riding school in the next few weeks. We are busily learning as much as we can to prepare for these.

A big thank you to all concerned especially Rosie and her owners Sarah and Darren for making this possible.