Respect and Reverence

In fact he was quite rude. He came into our school and talked over Mrs. Moore’s lovely introduction to our new Christian Value. He told her to “Hurry up I need to go” and “You weren’t listening, I’m busy.”

Thankfully it was all just for show and Father Peter was just introducing us to our new Christian Value: Respect and Reverence. He asked how Mrs. Moore must have been feeling when he treated her like that. Myla said she was probably feeling “sad” and Morgan thought she might be “upset.” Father Peter explained that when we respect people we value them and listen to them. He said that in and out of school we should value everyone.


He read us the story of Jesus in the Temple and talked about how Jesus was someone who respected everyone, no matter who they were.

Over this term we will be exploring respect and linking this to our previous value of creation. We will be thinking carefully about how we should respect and take care of God’s World and everything in it.