5 Senses in 5 days!

The Year One children at Bourne Elsea Park C of E Primary Academy have been a very busy investigating how they use their senses. Each day began with a brainstorming session to collect appropriate adjectives for that day’s sense. The week kicked off with touch. The children used their hands to identify the contents of feely bags, make a textured picture before using their feet to identify and describe a variety of textures underfoot in PE. On day two we managed to make the whole school smelly! The aroma from the smelling pots and smelly paint wafted through the corridor and lingered into the following day. Day three was a particular favourite as the children spent the day eating! They practised using sharp knives safely and correctly to chop up the 5 varieties of apples they tasted and compared before creating an edible face from fruit and vegetables, which they ate for their afternoon snack.

On day four, the children played a very loud sound bingo and sang their hearts out with Mr Emmett our Music Specialist before making their own musical instrument to accompany their end of day singing. Before we knew it, Friday was upon us and our final sense day had arrived. We have a very special little girl in our class who is visually impaired and Honey-Bea helped to teach the children about Braille and how to use a cane to find their way around the classroom. We also did some sight investigating as the children spotted some very strange magnified pictures around the room. Mrs Alison Simpson, the Year One teacher, said “We had a fantastic learning week packed full of fun and I know the children have their own favourite activity but mine was the smelly paint. Their faces were a picture when they caught their first whiff of the very unusual paint!”