Take a walk on the wild side!

Nick wowed the children with his tails of close encounters with wildlife around the world. Reception pupil Jonathan said “I liked hearing about the penguin because he pulled Nick’s red shoe laces. Penguins decorate their homes with bright colours.” Frankie, also in Reception, said “The dead turtle ate wire and a plastic bag. It made me feel sad.” Whilst regaling the children with his stories, Nick spoke about herbivores, carnivores, mammals, arachnids, insects and marsupials. Sophia in Year 4 said she enjoyed learning about animals that she didn’t know existed and Roman from Year 1 said “The best bit was when Nick told us he saw a lion chasing a zebra and then he caught the zebra and ate it. He took a photo!” Lots of children came away with a super-sized sticker and one of Nick’s wildlife photos for answering a question during the presentation. Year 1 pupil Amari impressed Nick with her knowledge of extinct animals.  The children were talking about it all day. What an interesting and memorable morning it was!