• Bikeability

    Published on Thursday 17th October 2019

    During the week of 14th October, Year 5 took part in Level 1 and 2 Bikeability training with Outspoken. Outspoken Training ‘aims to inspire people to cycle by equipping them with the confidence and skill to ride more often’.

    Level 1, off-road cycle training through playground games, aimed to develop the children’s control and bike handling skills.  Once Level 1 was achieved the children moved onto Level 2, which took place on realistic, residential roads and aimed to enable the children to ride confidently around their local area. The children learnt a variety of skills including how to pass side roads, make U-turns, understand how and when to signal and pass parked or slow-moving vehicles. It helped them to understand and make independent decisions and use systematic routines including making observations, communicating intentions to others, choosing and maintaining suitable riding positions and understanding priorities on the road.

     ‘The bikeability training is an important part of helping to keep our children safe in and outside school. It equipped the children with more confidence when riding and has given them knowledge of how to ride safely on the roads in and around our school area.’ (Miss Worrall).


  • A Ticket To Ride...

    Published on Thursday 17th October 2019

    The Year 2 children at Bourne Elsea Park Primary Academy really have gone on some adventures this term with their ‘Oh the Places You’ll Go’ topic. On Tuesday morning we all strolled down to our local bus stop where our very own Delaine, Double-Decker Bus was waiting for us! It was so exciting seeing the sights of Bourne from the top deck before we arrived at the Bus depot. The children were fascinated in the history of the Delaine buses and loved seeing all the old memorabilia in their amazing museum. Emily thought the doll that was knitted by the last conductor was sweet, Bobby loved measuring himself against the gigantic wheels, and we all loved spotting the out of place sweets in the old offices. It was so interesting for the children and the adults too, as we all learnt something new about this renowned bus company that have driven the streets of Bourne for nearly 130 years. Of course, no trip to the bus depot would be complete without a go in the bus wash! Once the excitement was over the clean and shiny bus drove the class of very happy children back to Elsea Park.


  • Awesome Art

    Published on Wednesday 16th October 2019

    The children of Bourne Elsea Park C of E Primary Academy helped add a splash of even more colour to the Elsea Park Community Centre after they were offered the opportunity to show off their beautiful art work on our very own display board. Rebecca Bradley, the school’s Art Co-ordinator said ‘We really value the opportunity to celebrate our different SMARTs. Being creative and Art Smart is such an important talent to cherish.’ The display shows off the work of our very own Petite Picassos, Miniature Matisses and Wee Warhols. We can’t wait to add to the display as the year progresses so you can see our artistic journey.

  • Workhouse Woe...

    Published on Tuesday 15th October 2019

    On Friday 11th October Year 5 visited Southwell Workhouse. From start to finish they had a fantastic time as they were immersed into a role play experience dressing up as Victorian paupers.

    They experienced what life would have been like at the workhouse in 1851 under the watchful eye of the Master, Matron and school teacher Miss Hoff. All the children had a fantastic time learning about the life in the workhouse and discovered how it provided three things: food, warm clothes and a bed. Their opinion of the workhouse changed throughout the visit and although the Master and school teacher were strict, they all agreed the workhouse was a better place than the streets. They discovered how inmates in the workhouse were segregated into different parts and how children would only see their family for one hour on Sundays if they were well behaved. The boys learnt about jobs such as oakum picking and rock breaking where as the girls explored the jobs in the scullery and kitchen. Both groups had experienced a Victorian lesson in the classroom with Miss Hoff using slate boards and pencils.

    In the afternoon the children worked with members from the National Trust in a workshop, researching the lives of the children from the 1851 workhouse census. This included finding out about their family, what they ate and whether they were punished or not. Following on from our work at school, this was an excellent opportunity for the children to work with historical artefacts to find out about the past.

    Miss Worrall explained ‘once again we had a fantastic time at Southwell Workhouse. It was a valuable, engaging and educational experience. It opened the children’s eyes to what life was like in a Victorian Workhouse and allowed the children the opportunity to form their own opinion on them. The trip has left the children excited to find out more about life during the Victorian era. We returned to school on Monday and wrote fantastic descriptive recounts of our experience at Southwell Workhouse’


  • Beth Shalom

    Published on Monday 14th October 2019

    WOW! What an unbelievably, thought-provoking, fascinating and moving day. On the 11th October, Bourne Elsea Park Primary School and Colsterworth Primary School were able to have the most amazing opportunity. By going to the Holocaust Centre, they were able to travel back in time, and consider what it would have been like to live in such devastating yet uncertain times.

    Upon arrival, the children were able to listen to a Holocaust survivor’s story, who gave a fascinating insight into what it was like almost 80 years ago. His incredible story allowed us all to really empathise and reflect on the difficulties children would have faced in such times. Our eyes were opened to how people were so unfairly treated and that we are so lucky to be here today, being able to make a difference, and share our views on fairness and equality for all.

    In the afternoon, we followed Leo’s Journey, and learned all about Kristallnacht, Nazi propaganda and the discrimination that went on, during this terrible time. Both schools found this trip incredible moving and informative, and are so excited to use the experience and knowledge gained from this trip into their writing and history topic over the coming weeks.  

    “In all my years of teaching I have never seen such an exemplary group of children: the children were incredibly respectful and it was an absolute pleasure to listen to them ask and converse in such thoughtful, humble and mature conversations,” Mr Revell Y6 Teacher.


  • Vile Victorians

    Published on Friday 11th October 2019

    Vile Victorians at Elsea Park

    On Friday 4th October, the Year 5 children from Bourne Elsea Park travelled back in time as part of their Victorian topic and took part in a Victorian day. The children came dressed up ready to take part in a role play where the classroom had been set up as a Victorian classroom and their teacher transformed into a Victorian school teacher. They took part in drill, handwriting practice on slate chalk boards, sang the National anthem, repeated their times tables on rote and even experienced the dunce hat. It was definitely very different to their normal experiences at school. 

    They also examined Bourne Abbey CE Primary School’s log book from 1877. Using this historical source, they discovered information about the children who used to attend the school and compare it to their own school life. They were fascinated to find out how old children were when they started school and the different reasons for them leaving.

    In the afternoon the children created a Victorian tea party, by making cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches, scones and mini Victoria sandwich cakes. It was a fantastic end to an interesting, informative and engaging day. Miss Worrall (Year 5 Class Teacher) explained ‘the children have really enjoyed our Victorian topic so far; the day was a brilliant addition. It was fantastic to see the children using a historical artefact to find out about life for Victorian children in Bourne. They are looking forward to continuing their learning with our upcoming trip to Southwell Workhouse.’


  • British Values Day

    Published on Tuesday 8th October 2019

    On 19th September 2019, the children of Bourne Elsea Park Church of England Primary Academy were gripped by Democracy fever more than ever before as they took part in their British Values Day.  The buzz of excitement made its way around school leading up to voting time as the children understand that Democracy is one of our five key British Values and knowing that as a UNICEF Rights Respecting School and they believe in Article 12, ‘Every child has the right to say what they think should happen and have their views listened to’. Through the day each class enthusiastically made their way to their school’s polling station, exchanged their polling cards for ballot papers and cast their votes for their new Student Council representatives, Eco Warriors and Mini Police Cadets.

  • Singing Sensations

    Published on Tuesday 8th October 2019

    The corridors were filled with the sound of ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams and a 3 part medley including a timely and rousing rendition of ‘Swing Low’ in support of England playing in the Rugby World cup!

  • New Website Update!

    Published on Friday 13th September 2019

    Dear Parents/Carers,

    Just to make you all aware, our new website is imminent. As always, when it goes live, we will make sure you are all fully up to speed, but please bear with us if there are not as many News Articles as you are used to so far this year - last year we had over 90! We will definitely be making up for it, and we have some very exciting things planned!

    If you have any questions in the mean time, please feel free to contact me or catch me by the gate before or after school.

    Best wishes as ever,

    Mr Brunt

  • Fire, Fire!

    Published on Thursday 1st August 2019

    London’s Burning…Fetch the Engines!

    History was brought to life in a blaze of wigs, waistcoats and water as Year 2 at Bourne Elsea Park C of E Primary Academy were transported back to the 17th Century with a visit from Partake theatre this week.

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