To Infinity and Beyond!

The activities included a memory test where they had to recite a 5-digit number backwards whilst stepping up and down on the curb. Time and space test to see how they could cope with small spaces. The Space Puzzle challenge saw the children wearing big gloves and putting a jigsaw piece back together, this was designed to highlight how astronauts have to work on small-complicated pieces of equipment whilst wearing space gloves. A team building challenge had the children building the tallest tower using only paper and paperclips as a team without talking. The ultimate challenge however was the docking station, where one child was blindfolded and had to follow instructions to place one plastic cup inside.

Once the children had finished their training, they strapped themselves into their Soyuz chair and counted down for blast off into space. Euan and Amelia said “the challenge taught us how difficult it is to become an astronaut. It was very inspirational as it answered some of our questions about space. We are looking forward to our new topic and visit to the National Space Centre later this term.”