To Infinity...and Beyond!

The children were engaged from the minute they arrived, exploring the different exhibits. They learnt about Tim Peake’s mission into space, the universe and the planets. Visiting the iconic ‘Rocket Tower’ was a memorable experience where the children saw the Blue Streak and Thor Able rockets, as well as real Moon rock. Becoming trainee astronauts on a lunar based in the year 2025, was an exciting part of the visit to the Tranquillity Base.

The children were treated to an ‘It IS Rocket Science’ workshop. The show explored the history of rockets including who invented the first rocket. Everyone was shocked to find out it was the Chinese. Then they discovered how the rockets, which are exploring space today, work. It was definitely an exciting, explosive show. 

The highlight of the day however, was visiting the fantastic full-dome 360 degree planetarium. Here the children had the opportunity to explore outer space. They were guided by a presenter through the solar system, visiting each planet in turn to find out interesting facts such as ‘Planet Uranus was originally called George in honour of King George III.’

Miss Worrall (Year 5 Class Teacher) said ‘All the children had a brilliant day; it really helped to bring our space topic to life. They have come back to school excited to continue finding out about space and life beyond planet Earth.’