Ahoy There!

All day the children in Reception were excited for their adventure.  Where would they go? How long would their voyage take? Would they need to pack their teddy? All these and other questions that first time pirates ask were answered.

As part of their training all pirates needed to know about their ship…where things were and what they were called.  Then it was off to be fitted out with our special pirate clothes, check out the treasure map and off they went. 

The adventure started in Polynesia where the ‘locals’ gave all the pirates Lei flower garlands.  The children all learned how to Hula and Otea dance and busily waved their arms and swayed their hips.  The next part of the journey was a bit colder as we visited Antarctica and skated with the penguins.

The voyage wasn’t without its hazards though, as the children sailed through a storm, watched a volcano erupt and got sent off course by some rather cheeky monkeys.  Finally, Reception reached their destination by following some beautiful parrots.  They took paces north, east, south and west and started digging till they found a treasure chest full of bounty. 

What an adventure!