Water, Water Everywhere!

Year 1 had a fantastic time learning about the importance of water. They became ‘water investigators’ using their sense of smell and taste to work out what had been added to different water samples. They then met Captain Splosh and learnt about why water is important in keeping us healthy.

Children in year 3 thought about how much water we use and waste. They took part in a water quiz, sorting activity and discussed how they could be more ‘Water Wise’ and less ‘Water Waste.’ They discussed ways of how they can conserve water and how much water is wasted when brushing your teeth.

The Anglian Water Workshops were an excellent opportunity to further develop our focus on reducing water waste within school. Miss Worrall (Eco Schools Coordinator) stated ‘once again the children had a fantastic experience. It helped them to understand their role in preserving water in an enjoyable but informative way. We are looking forward to continuing our Eco work during the next academic year.’