e Safety Excellence!

The workshop was well attended and saw parents and carers discovering why the school has chosen to use iPads as part of their learning. Miss Worrall informed parents about the e-Cadet scheme used within school as part of the E-Safety curriculum. Children in each year group are involved in the planning and teaching of sessions, which are based on national issues, and subjects that all pupils need to learn across the country.

Top tips were shared with parents of how to keep their children safe online including know their passwords, looking at PEGI ratings on games, knowing how to use parental controls on devices and keep an open conversation between them and their children.

The highlight of the workshop however was parents and children working together and exploring the apps used within school on the iPads. Children in KS1 explored coding apps such as Beebot and looked at the story books used within lessons to support the e-safety teaching. Whilst children in KS2 were set the challenge of creating a PicCollage or iMovie trailer to share top tips.

Miss Worrall explained ‘the workshop was a fantastic opportunity for us to share the amazing work the children have completed this year during our e-safety sessions. It was lovely to see the children teaching their parents and carers how to use the iPads and share their e-safety learning. We are looking forward to more workshops in the next academic year.’