Pirates in school!

The children all got into role by dressing up as pirates ready to hoist the anchor.  A treasure map was found and they were off on a voyage of discovery, dance and drama!

First, the map took them to Polynesia where the ‘locals’ gave out Lei ‘flower garland’ necklaces and showed the children how to do the  Hula and Otea dances.  From there, they travelled to Antarctica and waddled around with penguins.  The crew then sailed through a terrible storm and ended up miles away from the island they were heading for.  In fact, they ended up on Volcano Island just in time to watch the volcano erupt. Finally, Reception reached their destination by following some beautiful parrots.  They took paces north, east, south and west and started digging till they found a chest full of amazing treasures.

Our theme throughout the term has been ‘Ahoy there! Would you invite a pirate for tea?’ and the children have created perfect porthole paintings, drawn treasure maps, written messages in bottles and have counted and weighed out enough treasure to fill a ship – Captain Steve would be very proud of his new crew.