Destination: Castle Head!

On Tuesday morning, the children arrived early at school excited about the adventure that awaited them. After travelling by coach and a stop at Heaton Park in Manchester, everyone was ready to get stuck into their first evening activity. It was a pleasure to see newfound friendships being born during the week, with the children being split into eight different groups from both schools. Each group rotated around different activities in the evening including low ropes, fire lighting, den building and a night trial.

The highlights of the trip however were the day activities where the children took part in a sea level traverse, ghyll scrambling and mountain hike. Ghyll scrambling tested the children’s teamwork, bravery and perseverance, as they had to support each other to walk up a flowing river. Everyone found the activity enjoyable despite the cold water! A mountain day saw groups climbing in the Yorkshire Dales and others conquering Loughrigg in the middle of the Lake District. When each group reached the summit, it was a rewarding feeling with beautiful views. The children were exhilarated on completing their challenge. 

Miss Worrall and Mr Shore (Class Teachers) said ‘the children showed fantastic perseverance, friendship, bravery and teamwork throughout the week. All the staff who attended are proud of all the children from both schools; it will definitely be a trip to be remembered.’