Green Up Your Act Workshops

The day began with an assembly learning about an Earthship building which has a range of renewal technologies and is built from recycled materials. The children were amazed to find out that the building had been made from old car tyres and filled with chalk. They learnt how glass bottles could be used to create windows and a light tunnel with mirrors could be used to save electricity.


After the assembly, children from year 1 to year 5 took part in ‘Up-cycling’ workshops. They had an opportunity to examine a range of up-cycled objects including a necklace made from drinks cans, a handbag from magazines and plastic made from drinks bottle tops. The children were fascinated to find out how we could reuse and up-cycle materials to create interesting and exciting new objects. Each child then made their own up-cycled notebook using recycled paper, cardboard and old maps. The children in Year 2 were so keen to use their new notebooks, they took them outside at break time and used them.

Reception class then took part in a ‘Green Shoots’ workshop where they created their own paper pot and planted their own pea seeds. The children will then be able to water their seeds and watch the plant grow to see how it develops over time.

The workshops were another fantastic experience and part of our Eco Schools journey, inspiring the children to think carefully about their use and recycling of materials. Emily commented ‘The workshop was really fun and helpful. It has given me lots of ideas of how I can reuse things and create my own up-cycled objects.’