'Take Care' Homework at Bourne Elsea Park

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Take Care Homework 


Each term our children are provided with a 'palette of choice' for their homework. This consists of a series of tasks, closely matched to their engaging topics that involve a broad range of skills and link to their learning for the term.

Children are then able to choose any number of the tasks to complete throughout the term as homework.  This is then brought into school to share with their class in the last week. The children showcase their learning so that others can celebrate their hard work and teachers can provide children with meaningful feedback. 

Read below to find out some more about some of the wonderful 'Take Care' homework which has been created this year.

In Year 1 this term one of the children’s ‘Take Care palette of choice’ homework challenges were to create their own maze. This was linked to our current ‘Into The Unknown’ topic focussing on four brave explorers throughout history: Christopher Columbus, Robert Falcon Scott, Amelia Earhart and Neil Armstrong.

Every single maze has been aMAZEing and has been a joint effort between pupils and their parents and carers. Some of the mazes have been very tricky indeed and have challenged Mrs Simpson to the max!

As more and more mazes appear in school, we would like to thank our parents and carers for supporting this term’s homework selection and we can’t wait to see what comes in next!




Examples of some of o

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