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Children Computing and E-Safety

The opportunities that computing gives our young people as they grow are both wide and fantastic. Even as little as ten or fifteen years ago the technology being used today would seem amazing. With this ever changing world comes ever changing challenges. It is important that all children are kept safe from things which could make them upset or put them at risk. At school we help the children to think about their use and behaviour of computers. In discussions with them and using government advice we can minimise the risks.

 To ensure that all pupils are aware of the importance of being Cyber Smart and to know how to look at positive behaviour, not problems with regard to Anti-bullying whilst online, helps them to celebrate the great things young people are already doing to stop bullying.  The pupils look at various resources, have discussions and create their own anti-bullying messages.  With regard to being 'SMART' about cyber bulling and internet safety they will watch a series of videos.  Click here to watch SMART videos.

Childnet has a wealth of resourses to help you and your family find out more about a safer internet which includes Parental Controls & Filtering.

Eyepat is a parent e-safety training website which give parents a wealth of information.

Vodafone have an excellent interactive Digital Parent Guide which is full of useful guidance and advice for the latest technology. For example; Real Life vs Digital Life and how to balance it for your children and how to safeguard their use.

Below you will find links to various guides which will help you to be aware of e-safety issues and how you can help your child be Cyber Smart.

 As a school, we are part of the national eCadets scheme which enables children to teach each other about eSafety. eCadets is a structured, pupil-led empowerment programme that is being implemented from foundation to year 6.

Through eCadets, all pupils at Bourne Elsea Park are experiencing up to date knowledge and information about how to stay safe online. Each class has an E Cadet representative, who are able to build their skills and knowledge in eSafety. The eCadets are set termly challenges and support in the planning and delivery of E Safety lessons in the classroom. They also lead assemblies for their Key Stage. The Key Stage One eCadets are known as ‘Mini eCadets’ and our Key Stage Two representatives are ‘eCadets’.

During this school year so far, our eCadets have been working hard to expand their knowledge in the following areas:

  • Safe profile pictures

  • Safe searching

  • Supporting others online

  • Solving problems online

  • Connect, create and share safely online

  • Cookies

At Bourne Elsea Park, we believe teaching how to be safe online is vital therefore we each year we take part in Safer Internet Day. The eCadets get involved by helping teach their peers about safety online as well as leading an assembly as part of Safer Internet Day.

The following link is useful for those parents whose children use Roblox:


Here is a link to the Stay Safe Partnership's youtube page:


Here is a link to Dan Hawbrook's e Safety youtube page:


Here is a link to Childnet's Parent and Carer Toolkit:


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