Election Procedure

Every Child has a Voice!

Every child matters at Bourne Elsea Park and it is important that they all have a voice as to how to improve their school.   Election of the new Student Councillors is taken very seriously at Bourne Elsea Park and the children follow the same guidelines as other election processes.


 The children compose their own manifesto explaining why they would make a good councillor.

Each class puts names forward for the children who wish to be elected into the Student Council.




The pupils are not able to vote unless they have an Official Polling Card.  These are issued to every child from Year 1 to Year 6.

The cards are taken to the 'Polling Station' where each one is checked before they can receive a ballot paper and go into the polling booth.

   Using the Ballot Paper the children mark a cross next to the name that they wish to represent them in the Student Council.  This is not a competition and the children understand that they are being voted for their 'Council' qualities.
   Using an official Ballot Box the children post their ballot papers and eagerly await the result.


The elected councillors receive a certificate and official badge in a special assembly.