Bourne Elsea Park Church of England Primary Academy Helping Nyansakia Primary School

We had received a letter written on behalf of Father Clement of the Roman Catholic Church in Bourne asking if we would consider supporting a Kenya Appeal.  Father Clement is from Kenya himself and is very worried about the troubles his friends and family have been suffering.  The appeal was to raise money for Nyansakia Primary School in Kissi, Kenya.

After some fantastic fundraising by the children and their family and friends, the School Council were proud to announce that they were able to buy a floor for one of the classrooms and pay the wages for two teachers at the school.

 Outside Nyansaki School  
 Outside area of the school  The classroom without a floor

Going to school in England can be taken for granted; the School Council realised that they had to help another school work towards better facilities and a good education for their children. With the help of our community in England we are able to achieve fantastic results and show that every child really does matter at home and abroad!

 The teachers  Nyansakia's pupils

'Nyansakia' means a place where you can always find the sunshine.

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