Year 1

Year One Teacher: Mrs A Simpson                                   Teaching Assistant: Mrs L Dacombe

Our aim is to create a successful working partnership with our parents and carers.


During this year, one of our main aims is to make your child more independent and a successful learner.  We aim to ensure each child achieves his or her maximum potential.  This can not be achieved in school alone and the role you have at home is essential to your child's progress.  We always welcome your input and contributions. Our door is always open.

Themes and Topics

We adopt a cross curricular approach linking our subject areas.  In this way quality time is given to each theme, fostering the children's enthusiasm and enjoyment of the subject.

Term 1: Heads, shoulders, knees and toes

Term 2: It was on a starry night

Terms 3 & 4: Into the unknown

Term 5: Home sweet home

Term 6: Oh I do like to be beside the seaside


We aim to foster a life time love of fiction and non-fiction books and to help children to become independent and competant readers.  The children will experience reading every day through a wide variety of activities.  These include:

SHARED READING ~ The whole class share and enjoy a big book together.

GUIDED READING ~ Small groups of children read a book with the teacher.

INDEPENDENT READING ~ Children read alone to the teacher to maximise the teaching of reading skills.

"Sharing a book at home with a child can be a very special time.  It should be a positive and encouraging experience."

The children will be taught to use a whole range of skills to work out unknown words.  Sometimes they might 'Fred talk' a word they are unsure of.  At other times they may be able to guess the word from the clues in the rest of the sentence or clues from the picture.  Also they are encouraged to identify the 'Special Friends' in words. Other words, that are difficult to sound out, might have to be learnt by sight.


We provide a wide range of daily opportunities for the children to practise and develop their punctuation, grammar, writing skills and their handwriting. They are encouraged to create fictional narratives and non-fiction texts using simple sentences initially before moving onto more complex sentences when they are ready. 


As in all curriculum subjects, we strive to ensure that the individual needs of all the children are fully catered for through a Mastery approach. This develops a deeper understanding of mathematical vocabulary, skills and strategies which enables them to tackle all problems with confidence.

Some of the ways to help your child at home:

Encourage your child to:

  • Handle and use coins and notes
  • Follow simple recipes and use kitchen scales
  • Play a wide variety of board games
  • Look at newspapers and magazines together
  • Visit the local library
  • Learn to read a tape measure or ruler 
  • Share a book each night
  • Practise writing their sounds and numbers correctly
  • Count everything!


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