Year 2


Year 2 Teacher: Mrs R Bradley

In Year Two, one of our main aims is to make each child more independent.  It is a vital year in preparation for the next Key Stage and to help each child achieve their maximum potential.

We rely heavily on a strong partnership with parents and carers. Your support at home in all areas of their learning is greatly appreciated. 

Throughout the year we work on developing the children's ability to write sentences using capital letters and full stops accurately, include more 'WOW' words, reread their work to check it makes sense and edit it when necessary. They will experience writing in many different genres including stories, poems, instructions, letter, reports, and will be writing for many different purposes and reasons.  During handwriting lessons the children practice using a joined style of writing.

We are still following the Maths No Problem Scheme alongside a cross-curricular fun, hands on approach. We use a huge variety of resources and different media to help your child enjoy learning many aspects of numeracy.

Our topics this year allow us to explore all the elements of the curricular in an exciting way, with many real life experiences. We love sharing the children's take-care topic homework. We share and reward their enthusiasm and enjoyment for their learning, in and out of school, with WOW badges, Geese Awards and the Golden Book.

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